Erin Casagranda

Ewerton and Nagila were amazing! Super professional and very fun! They gave us a great memorable experience for our first ever family photo shoot and the pictures came out beautiful! I can’t thank them enough!

Esther wandelkooken

I have known Decastro photo for a long time. They did my senior pictures back when I was in high school and later on I had them doing my wedding pictures, I love looking at my pictures, they captured every special moments at my wedding and it was by far the best investment we made. I highly recommend them, they are professional, and they took really good care of us to make our special day go smoothly and perfect. I will definitely have them in my future events!

Desiree Knaupp

There is something magical about family trips to Cape Cod. A few years ago I found Decastro Photography on a search and I’m so happy I did! Getting photos taken has become a part of our yearly trip. As parents of young kids it’s hard to get photos of the four of us. Ewerton captures the most beautiful and perfect photos. I literally am amazed every year. These precious moments are so important and I am so grateful to have him as our photographer. On top of taking beautiful photos he is very responsive and professional. Great family business to support. If you are looking for a photographer I highly recommend them!!!

Rebeca Laranjo

From the moment I began planning my wedding, I told my husband I would not settle on a photographer, I wanted the best of the best as pictures were the only thing from our wedding day that would be forever and that's exactly what I got, THE BEST photographers. Ewerton made this process so easy and light, as didn't have to stress about my pictures, not for a second. They were extremely punctual (arrived earlier than expected), attentive, very creative with the pictures (getting ready, us holding hands but not seeing each other, church, and ceremony) and able to put into action what I could only imagine but not describe very well. They also followed through (and went above and beyond with all I had asked and made sure I got every picture I wanted. The pictures were ready in a timely manner and our albums as well. We got one album for ourselves and two smaller albums for our parents. Our albums is incredible, I cannot describe how amazing it looks. The quality of the pictures, the thickness of the pages, the box it came in, everything is made to perfection. Although I will always compliment their work, as it speaks for itself, the it factor that makes them standout and makes me sure I chose the right photographers is their kind hearts. From photographers they became our friends. They are so kind, genuine, loving, and so caring. Their clients are not just people they work for, but people they genuinely care for and want to make sure they have the most amazing day. I am so happy I chose them and they will be our photographers for life, that's for sure! Thank you Ewerton for all your amazing work :)